DotNet Resolver

Welcome to the official DotNet Resolver website

DotNet Resolver is a free .NET decompiler written in C#. This decompiler is able to read, translate and edit applications written in any .NET language. The application has been designed to be as stable as possible, and therefore it doesn't fail that fast when opening protected or obfuscated applications.

This project has been started after Red Gate, the company that owns the well-known decompiler .NET Reflector, announced that they would charge for it.

The creator of this application is TheUnknownProgrammer, which is also the creator of AsmResolver, the open source assembly reader. In the earlier versions of DotNet Resolver, Androcir and Ethernal Five have been helping with the development and statistics. Also thanks to MaxXor for the web hosting. All these users are also known on

Thanks to all the Beta Testers for checking out the program before it was released in public. If you have a bug to report or just have questions, send me an e-mail by clicking here

Known Issues in version 3
  • Double parantheses in the decompilations
  • Switch / Select Case is not quite finished yet
  • Sometimes Try and If Statements starts and ends are switched
  • Custom Attributes are sometimes weird. This is not a bug in DotNet Resolver, but in AsmResolver.
  • Sometimes you will encounter formatting errors. Please report them!